“My property had been listed with an agent for over a year with no contracts. I thought you auctioned real estate only when someone had an estate sale. If the previous agent had of introduced me to the Auction Method of Marketing a year ago I could have saved thousands of dollars of holding cost. Financially I was being eaten up. Sell your house in one day, get your money and be happy!”
Carol Boyd
“I was very surprised at the amount of time and effort that they put forth to sell my house at auction. Furthermore, I received about $20,000 more than what I was anticipating.”
Jewell Kirb
“Our property was listed with an agent for $725,000.00. We informed the agent that we needed a quick sale. He introduced us to the CEO of the Auction Division, Mark Williams. He informed us of all our options with the auction method. My wife and I were nervous, placing our home Absolute to the Highest Bidder without reserve. The final bid price was $725,000.00. If we were to move again, I would do it all over again. I highly recommend Mark Williams and the Auction Method of Marketing.”
David & Carol Chapman
“We had an estate that needed to be liquidated. We never dreamed the property could be marketed so effectively and closed so quickly. Thanks to Mark Williams and the Auction Division.”
The Estate of Orbie D. Nelson
“I had 6.5 acres that I decided to sell. He explained the entire auction process very clearly and without high pressure sales. We sold our land and closed the deal very quickly, just as he told us. I am very satisfied with his professional program.”
Diane McClurkan
“I had already purchased another home and was planning to move furniture out in the middle of December, the hardest time of the year to sell real estate during the holidays. The real estate agent said I should talk with Mark Williams about the auction method of marketing. He explained, this is a great way during this time of the year, to market the property in a way no one else can, reaching the most people at one time. He was right, I sold my property and closed quickly during the holidays and was completely satisfied with the outcome.”
Marlene McAleavy
“Thanks for taking on the challenge of selling our house and for all your council in what to fix up to receive the most out of the Auction. I was surprised to see we received much more than anticipated as a result of your expertise. You really know the real estate market and auctions.”
L. James Lozon
“Words still can’t express just how satisfied we are with the purchase of our home prior to the auction day. Your help has allowed us to own our dream home. Thanks again for all of the effort you put into our purchase. Auction made it simple and easy.”
Kermit Davenport